Keyword Alerts

Get alerts when we find new content containing keywords important to you

Track Changes

Easily see what content was added or removed

Change Sensitivity

Notifications for any or only significant changes

Visual Page Snapshots

Capture a screenshot of the page when changes are detected

Keywords & Phrases

Notifications if a word or phrase is present or missing

Page Element Availability

Be sure images and content are properly showing

Website Availability

Alerts when your page goes down and comes back online

Code Monitoring

Check if a piece of HTML code is present or missing

Multi-condition Monitoring

Create robust, custom page alert conditions

HTML Snapshots

Store and reference time-based code snapshots

Multi-user Alerts

Notify just you or the whole team of a change

Email Alerts

Know the moment we detect a change

Monitor Any Website for Free

Detect changes to any public-facing webpage or website. We’ll take care of the monitoring and let you know whenever we detect changes that match your keywords or custom criteria set. Schedule your monitors, set a sensitivity level, and define your change alert criteria. You’ll be the first to know when a page changes.

Powerful Condition-based Detection

Our enterprise-grade monitoring system monitors websites for changes that are important to you. Set condition-based criteria to receive change notifications that matter to you. Choose to track the addition or subtraction of keywords, copy, images, code snippets and more.

Group-based Notifications

Notify a select few or create dynamic user groups for each monitor. Need to alert the whole IT team when a change is triggered? No problem. Want to keep your marketing team in-the-know on a competitor’s new product launch? That works, too.

Unlimited Conditions

All of our premium plans allow our users to create an unlimited number of tracking and alert conditions. Organize your monitors in folders and easily reference your latest change tracking notifications — all in one place.

Notifications Stream

In addition to real-time email notifications, we make it easy to see the website changes that matter most to you in one activity stream.  Drill deeper to get more detail and see exactly what change(s) triggered your alert.  Monitor website changes and easily compare the before and after.

Premium Support

All of our premium plans offer expert, dedicated support from real U.S.-based ChangeTower staff.  We can help you harness the power of ChangeTower to solve your monitoring challenges and tackle all of your use cases.


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Monitor any website.

We track web page changes and send you alerts.