Social Media Monitoring Software

With ChangeTower's set of tools to monitor social media, you can be the first one to know about new posts published on your most important accounts.

Start Monitoring Now

Social media offers businesses of all types a critical way for engaging with existing users, announcing company updates, or finding new leads

But for many businesses, your social media presence must meet brand and compliance requirements. For large companies with multiple employees handling social accounts, staying on top of your content or monitoring competitors is even more important. That’s where ChangeTower comes in.

ChangeTower offers social media monitoring tools to keep track of both your own channels, and those of your competitors. Ensure your content fits company guidelines, monitor activity of social media content creators, track mentions and engagements, or stay on top of competitor activity with easy-to-use social media monitor tools. 

Stay on top of social activity

Receive email notifications just minutes after new post gets published. Set specific monitoring criteria or keywords, and get alerted only to the post that you care most about.

Watch your preferred social networks

Get an alert when your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest connections or favorite companies post updates that include a keyword or set of keywords that matter to you. Get an alert every time new content goes live or is removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use social media monitoring on any social network?

Yes. Simply insert the URL of the page or feed you want to monitor when setting up your dashboard.

Can I specify a set of phrases that I want to be notified of when they're published?

Yes, you can monitor for phrases, HTML changes, keywords, and more.