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With ChangeTower's set of tools to monitor social media, you can be the first one to know about new posts published on your most important accounts.

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Social media offers businesses of all types a critical way for engaging with existing users, announcing company updates, or finding new leads. But for many businesses, your social media presence must meet brand and compliance requirements. For large companies with multiple employees handling social accounts, staying on top of your content or monitoring competitors is even more important. That’s where ChangeTower comes in.

ChangeTower offers social media monitoring tools to keep track of both your own channels, and those of your competitors. Ensure your content fits company guidelines, monitor activity of social media content creators, track mentions and engagements, or stay on top of competitor activity with easy-to-use social media monitor tools. 

Stay on top of social activity

Receive email notifications just minutes after new post gets published. Set specific monitoring criteria or keywords, and get alerted only to the post that you care most about.


Watch your preferred social networks

Get an alert when your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest connections or favorite companies post updates that include a keyword or set of keywords that matter to you. Get an alert every time new content goes live or is removed.

Use Case 1

Legal & Corporate Compliance Website Monitoring

If your company is like most, your public-facing website is the most public and frequently accessed extension of your company and its corporate identity. As such, it’s critical ensure that key pages on your website are in compliance with corporate policies, governmental regulations and industry best practices.Website monitoring tools like ChangeTower can help you automatically check for key compliance requirements and concerns.

Use Case 2

PR Monitoring

Monitoring the press release and news sections of partners, suppliers, competitors, or market leaders can keep you informed on the updates that matter most to you and your business. Not all press releases are worthy of your attention, though. PR monitoring software can help you filter out the noise, and monitor for just the news that will impact your company.

Use Case 3

Competitive Website Monitoring

It’s critical to stay ahead of the curve and be in-the-know about what your competitors are up to. Competitor websites can be quite telling, and companies are often eager to publish news of what’s to come — be that a new product, feature, event or market entry.Regularly visiting and scrolling through your competitor’s homepage, press releases, news and blog posts requires time and hassle. Competitive monitoring tools can eliminate that headache, and let you monitor competitors through one central interface.ChangeTower allows you to monitor competitor websites for the content changes that matter most to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Simply insert the URL of the page or feed you want to monitor when setting up your dashboard.

Yes, you can monitor for phrases, HTML changes, keywords, and more.