Our top 3 Uptime Monitoring Tools and Softwares

Our Top 3 Uptime Monitoring Tools and Softwares

Investing in an uptime monitoring tool helps you save money in the long run Whether you run a website of your own, or rely on a specific website for your profession, finding out a URL has gone down can cause

SEO Monitor: Get change alert(s) if your Google Analytics code gets altered or removed

ChangeTower can monitor your page’s source code for changes to the Google Analytics code Sending change alert(s) is a core feature of ChangeTower. Whether new content is published on a page, a keyphrase is added or removed, or even if

Laptop screen displaying slack dashboard with notification of website change

Receive website change alerts directly to your Slack workspace

Follow these simple steps to combine the power of ChangeTower and Slack to receive website change alerts easily When Slack was first launched back in 2013, the idea of using a centralized messaging system hadn’t been around for too long.

Tracking Calendly Appointment Availability - Monitor Notification

Tracking website changes to receive alerts when new Calendly appointments become available

ChangeTower can help you track website changes and notify you when there are updates to Calendly appointments Teams and individuals worldwide use Calendly to help them with appointment scheduling without the hassle of juggling their calendars and conflicting meetings. With

How to monitor a website for changes in visa appointment availability?

Monitoring a website for changes to visa appointment availability puts you in an advantageous position. Anyone that has ever applied for a visa and wanted to schedule an interview appointment remembers and knows the struggle of refreshing the page continuously,

Keyword Research and Strategy - seo 101

SEO 101: Keyword Research and Strategy

While SEO (search engine optimization) includes a variety of different elements to deliver measurable results, one of the foundational pieces of a good SEO strategy is keyword research. Since keywords and phrases are the actual targets that connect potential visitors

SEO Website Audit

SEO 101: How to Run a Site Audit

SEO, or search engine optimization, has fundamentally transformed the way that companies manage and maintain their digital presence in the modern globalized economy. With the power of Google to direct potential customers to your business entirely based on your relevance

Monitoring websites for changes is critical in the times of geopolitical strife

Why the Russia-Ukraine war means companies should monitor website changes closely

Why the Russia-Ukraine war means companies should monitor website changes closely The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused seismic ripples around the globe. Economically, businesses with investments and holdings in Russia have faced unprecedented public pressure to withdraw. Various industries

Receive Alerts When New Vaccine Appointments Become Available

Receive Alerts When New Vaccine Appointments Become Available There is a tremendous amount of uncertainty for anything and everything when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine. The standards of who is eligible to get the vaccine (and when!) differs from

See our list of top online tools for SEO professionals

Top Tools for SEO Professionals

Top Tools for SEO Professionals SEO, or search engine optimization, has quietly become one of the most essential and powerful tools for promoting a brand or website that has an immediate ROI given that it’s far more cost effective than