ChangeTower is a cloud-based website monitoring software

ChangeTower is a cloud-based website monitoring software and tool that periodically checks a selected public-facing website for content changes, HTML code changes, and website availability. If a change is detected or if we’re unable to reach a website, the ChangeTower platform will notify selected users and user groups of the change. Change alerts can be triggered when any given set of criteria is met, with the ability to customize alerts based on changes to on-page text or page HTML code.

What can I monitor with ChangeTower?
How can it help me?

Quite simply, ChangeTower can monitor any public website not behind a login. Our software periodically scans and processes a website’s content, and alerts our users when changes to the site match their pre-set alert criteria. A handful of ChangeTower use cases:​

Competitive Monitoring

Receive alerts of an upcoming product launch, new clients, recently issued RFPs (or government tenders), press releases, acquisitions and divestitures — anything that matters to you or your business.

SEO Monitoring

SEO Performance Monitoring Real time insight into competitor rankings & receive timely notifications of unintended updates to important SEO attributes.

News Stories of Interest

Keep close tabs on the news cycle — be the first to know the breaking news that matters most to company, industry or personal reputation.


Ensure that key pages on your website are in compliance with corporate and regulatory laws and standards.

Website & System Status Monitoring

Monitor the availability of critical webpages, systems, and content template. Keep key team members in-the-know. Detect problems before your customer does.

Classified Ads

If it’s for sale or up for grabs, you’ll be first in line.


Searching for a job, or just keeping a watchful eye? Get alerted when a new listing might pique your interest.

Property Listings

Be the first to know when new housing goes on the market.

Stock & Availability

Get alerted when a select product comes in stock or goes out of stock.

Price Changes

If a price drops (or skyrockets), we’ll let you know.

Offers & Sales

 Claim early bird offers and get an alert when it’s the best time to buy that something you’ve had your eye on.

Who uses ChangeTower?

Monitor websites for content changes and security threats. Be the first to know. Keep historical records.

Powerful, cloud-based, always-on website monitoring & archiving tools. Monitor web pages for visual changes, keywords, code updates and more. Track and archive changes.