Online Ticketing: Receive Alerts the Moment Event Tickets Go on Sale

Online Ticketing

Being among the first to be notified when tickets go on sale online for events with high demand is paramount if you hope to secure tickets. Given the lucrative Secondary Market that’s emerged for event tickets (especially for concerts and sporting events), it’s become increasing difficult to acquire tickets for these popular events.

Whether you work for an online ticketing agency taking advantage of market inefficiencies, a company needing to secure tickets for a popular industry conference, or you’re just a diehard hoping to see your favorite artist, a sophisticated website monitoring platform can ensure you don’t miss the opportunity procure tickets for your event(s). 

Receive Notifications when an Event Date is Announced

Sometimes it’s useful (and valuable) to simply be the first to know if / when an event date is released / announced. This not only helps for planning purposes but it can also enable you to lock in your travel arrangements.

When there’s a popular event taking place in certain cities, demand for flights and hotels increases accordingly and prices rise. Using a sophisticated monitoring tool to get event date announcements can help keep your costs in check.

Event Tickets
Go on Sale Online

Depending on the event, tickets sell out online in a matter of hours – if not minutes! Waiting to receive automated emails from mailing lists are not sufficient to get you the notice you need to ensure you’re able to get tickets for the event. Often times artists, industry guilds, etc. have enormous mailing lists and distributing those via enterprise email vendors take time to process that kind of volume.

Online ticketing and ticket selling platforms often have registration portals which are closed / disabled until the venue / organizer releases the tickets for sale. Monitoring those portals for the moment it opens is a much more sure-fire way to ensure you’re alerted in time than simply waiting for an email to arrive.

Step-by-Step Guide for Monitoring Ticketing Events on ChangeTower:

Your organization can easily set up Monitor(s) to ensure you’re alerted when tickets are released for your event online:

Step 1: Create the monitor by entering the web URL where the announcement will be posted

Step 2: Set your notification criteria. Note: ChangeTower’s Visual Monitoring Tool is useful here. It allows you to monitor the sub-section of the page that you know will change when tickets go on sale (e.g. a “Sold Out” or “Unavailable” button). This helps to prevent you from getting alerted of other changes on the page which aren’t related to the event’s tickets.

Step 3: Receive email and/or SMS notifications when tickets go on sale for your event

Step 4: Rush to the webportal and purchase your tickets!

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