RFP Alerts: Get Notified When Websites Publish New Requests for Proposals

ChangeTower’s RFP Alert System

There is a tremendous administrative burden places on businesses that rely on responding to (and winning!) RFPs for new business. Not only do you have to go through the painful process of filling out long applications and endure long wait times, it’s also extremely hard to stay on top of if / when new business is put out to bid.

With a web page watcher like ChangeTower, you can track the government and organization websites that issue / new RFPs without predictable cadence. This will help ease the administrative busywork of having to manually check sites that don’t offer email alerts.

Get Notified when Your Existing Contract is Up for Renewal

Many businesses are required to continually apply for public RFPs, even if they’ve already been chosen as the preferred vendor and their contract renewal is nothing more than a formality. That said, there are some nightmare scenarios in which administrative oversights have resulted in missed deadlines and cost organizations millions (in some cases billions) in revenue. Here’s an infamous one in which Park City Mountain Resorts forgot to renew its lease and ended up losing the mountain (and its entire business) to Vail Mountain Resorts.

If / when the future of your business depends on the renewal of contracts, it’s imperative that you use all of the tools at your disposal to ensure that these deadlines don’t fall through the cracks.

You can check out Mark Denton’s post for more information and other types of tools that can save you time while helping you find more RFPs that are relevant to your business.

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