Competitive Website Monitoring

In today’s digital world, change happens quickly — often overnight.

It’s critical to stay ahead of the curve and be in-the-know about what your competitors are up to. Competitor’s websites can be quite telling, and companies are often eager to publish news of what’s to come — be that a new product, feature, event or market entry.

Regularly visiting and scrolling through your competitor’s homepage, press releases, news and blog posts requires time and hassle. Website monitoring tools can eliminate that headache, and let you keep  tabs on the competition through one central interface.

ChangeTower allows you to monitor competitive websites for the content changes that matter most to you. Here’s a few examples:

Monitor a competitor’s Features page

Detect and track any changes to your competitor’s feature set, or regularly monitor for a given keyword or phrase. Be the first to know when a new feature is upcoming or released.

Keep tabs on new products

Always know what your competitors are up to. Get notified when competitors post a new press release matching your criteria, add a product to a given category, or make a dramatic change to an existing product’s page.

Consumer feedback and complaints

Keep a watchful eye on key consumer review websites and public forums, and develop a competitive advantage from your competitor’s shortcomings.

New hires

Did the competition make a big hire? Poach a big name executive from another firm?

Price changes

Know when the competition changes their prices. Make sure your pricing is always comparatively competitive.

Monitor and archive any website

We track and archive website changes automatically. Powerful, intuitive, cloud-based monitoring and archiving software.