Monitor Websites for Code Changes & Security Threats

The longer the period of unawareness and inaction following a successful website attack or intrusion, the more damage the attacker can do to your business and reputation. Use ChangeTower to receive near-realtime alerts when website updates and changes suggesting a possible website attack are detected.

Monitor For Visual Website Changes

Many forms of website attacks will manifest themselves as changes visually apparent to the end user. There are several types of website security issues that ChangeTower can help detect based on visual website changes made to a webpage.

Website Defacement Attack

In the case of a website defacement attack, for example, hackers may use your website to serve your website visitors disparaging content about your brand, advertisements that the attacker stands to profit from, or the injection of calls to action that direct visitors away from your website.

Malicious Website Redirects

Attackers might target select, high-trafficked pages on your website and redirect visitors to these pages to either a 3rd-party website or a newly-created page on your website with ad content or malicious code designed to ‘trick’ visitors into installing malware onto their local computer.

ChangeTower’s monitors will crawl the final URL (if there is one), and alert you if and when website changes are detected that should be investigated further.

SPAM Pages

Attackers who have compromised your server or Content Management System (CMS) might use your website’s server to host thousands of ‘SPAM’ web pages. These pages typically contain advertisements or content designed to promote products or services (more often than not, less-than-desirable products and services…), generate links for the purposes of building SEO value for another website, or even targeting website visitors with malware and spyware.

Use ChangeTower to monitor Google’s index of your website (monitor “” to see all the pages in your domain that Google has indexed). If you have a site map, use ChangeTower to monitor your sitemap for website changes.

Service Disruption & Downtime

While many website vulnerabilities are at the content or code level, attackers may decide to infiltrate or attack your website’s server or database directly. Service and downtime monitoring software can help.

Server Connectivity

Receive a notification when ChangeTower’s monitors can’t connect to your website or receive an error from your server. Monitor for DDoS attacks and any threats that might take your website offline.

Database & Service Errors

Many website uptime monitors only monitor your website for connectivity problems — blind to issues such as database connectivity errors. Know immediately if your website if experiencing database connectivity errors or if a key system or website feature becomes unavailable.

Monitor and archive any website

We track and archive website changes automatically. Powerful, intuitive, cloud-based monitoring and archiving software.