Watch web pages for changes and monitor for certain keywords

Page Watcher & Keyword Monitoring

Page Watcher Tool The internet becomes a dramatically different place with each passing second as hundreds  of millions of web page updates are made, and a page watcher platform can help filter out the noise by monitoring only the web

Compliance monitoring

Legal & Corporate Compliance Website Monitoring

If your company is like most, your public-facing website is the most public and frequently accessed extension of your company and its corporate identity. As such, it’s critical ensure that key pages on your website are in compliance with corporate

Website PR monitoring

PR Monitoring

Corporate news and press release cycles are unpredictable. Albeit challenging, companies need to be on top of many critical news and press releases that impact their organization and/or industry.

monitor competitors websites for changes

Competitive Website Monitoring

In today’s digital world, change happens quickly — often overnight. It’s critical to stay ahead of the curve and be in-the-know about what your competitors are up to. Competitor’s websites can be quite telling, and companies are often eager to publish