Compliance monitoring

If your company is like most, your public-facing website is the most public and frequently accessed extension of your company and its corporate identity. As such, it’s critical ensure that key pages on your website are in compliance with corporate policies, governmental regulations and industry best practices.

Website monitoring tools like ChangeTower can help you automatically check for key compliance requirements and concerns.

Watch for risk words

Many industries have words that should never be used, or used sparingly. Receive alerts if these ‘risk words’ are published to key pages on your corporate website.

Make sure legalese is properly in place

Whether a copyright notice, legal-centric footer, or patent notice, chances are legal complexities could be introduced if key pages are missing a critical element. Monitor for these elements, and send the whole team an alert if a legally requisite page element goes missing.

Monitor customer forums and message boards for potential issues

Customer can be unpredictable, and may publicly post disparaging remarks, sensitive details, or confidential information. Watch for possible concerns and receive notifications when possible concerns are detected.

Page update history and change tracking

Retain regularly collected snapshots of key pages, see exactly what changes were made when, and keep historical records for future reference.