Website PR monitoring

Corporate news and press release cycles are unpredictable. Companies may release critical news and press releases in the middle of the night or just after close of business on a Friday.  The sooner you know about the latest, the sooner you can take action and stay one step ahead of the curve.

Monitoring the press release and news sections of partners, suppliers, competitors, or market leaders can keep you informed on the updates that matter most to you and your business. Not all press releases are worthy of your attention, though. It’s critical to be able to filter out the noise, and monitor for just the news that will impact your company.

Press release keyword monitoring

Need to keep tabs on a recall or be among the first to know when a supplier or competitor introduces a new product or cancels an existing product line?

Wording changes or headline updates

Changes to critical pieces of information in a new piece or press release can be easily made, attracting little or no attention. Always have a snapshot of the original page, and be able to pinpoint (and be alerted to) any changes.

News addition and removal

News comes and goes regularly, but often times it’s the news that is published and then quickly removed that might be of significant relevance to your business. Grab snapshots when new news is published, and know the latest, even if no one else does.