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With ChangeTower's powerful and affordable suite of tools to monitor competitors, set up trackers for content, code, pages, posts, and much more.

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For users looking for competitive monitoring tools without a jaw-dropping price tag, ChangeTower is your leading Visualping alternative. Designed for a comprehensive set of use cases, ChangeTower offers scaleable monitoring software available at multiple price points to fit any user’s specific need.

Regularly visiting and scrolling through your competitor’s homepage, press releases, news and blog posts requires time and hassle. Competitive monitoring software can save you time and resources, and allow you to automate competitor monitoring from a single user-friendly dashboard.

Compliance monitoring

Set up monitors to ensure compliance in highly regulated industries including finance, healthcare, government, insurance, and more. Simplify your risk compliance efforts and automate monitoring.

Monitor Marketing Channels

Keep a watchful eye on key consumer review websites, social media accounts, blogs, and anywhere else your business interacts with users and potential new leads. Keep a close eye on marketing efforts, identify customer issues as they happen, and more.

SEO Monitoring

Track keyword placements and new content initiatives on competitor websites. Tailor your own SEO strategy by incorporating real-time competitor data to identify growth opportunities.

Use Case 1

Legal & Corporate Compliance Website Monitoring

If your company is like most, your public-facing website is the most public and frequently accessed extension of your company and its corporate identity. As such, it’s critical ensure that key pages on your website are in compliance with corporate policies, governmental regulations and industry best practices.Website monitoring tools like ChangeTower can help you automatically check for key compliance requirements and concerns.

Use Case 2

PR Monitoring

Monitoring the press release and news sections of partners, suppliers, competitors, or market leaders can keep you informed on the updates that matter most to you and your business. Not all press releases are worthy of your attention, though. PR monitoring software can help you filter out the noise, and monitor for just the news that will impact your company.

Use Case 3

Competitive Website Monitoring

It’s critical to stay ahead of the curve and be in-the-know about what your competitors are up to. Competitor websites can be quite telling, and companies are often eager to publish news of what’s to come — be that a new product, feature, event or market entry.Regularly visiting and scrolling through your competitor’s homepage, press releases, news and blog posts requires time and hassle. Competitive monitoring tools can eliminate that headache, and let you monitor competitors through one central interface.ChangeTower allows you to monitor competitor websites for the content changes that matter most to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Simply insert the URL of the page you want to track when setting up your monitors.

Yes, you can monitor for phrases, HTML changes, keywords, and more.

ChangeTower is proud to offer a powerful feature suite at reasonable prices, giving access to users no matter how broad or narrow their need for monitoring software. ChangeTower also proudly offers responsive, human customer support to ensure all of your website monitoring questions are answered when you have them.