Competitive Monitoring Software

With ChangeTower's set of tools to monitor competitors, you can be the first one to know about the new updates, newly released products, special offers or team member additions.

Start Monitoring Now

It’s critical to stay ahead of the curve and be in-the-know about what your competitors are up to

The content on competitor websites reveals much about strategy and focus, and companies are often eager to publish news of what’s to come — be that a new product, feature, event or market entry.

Regularly visiting and scrolling through your competitor’s homepage, press releases, news and blog posts requires time and hassle. Competitive monitoring tools can eliminate that headache, and let you monitor competitors through one central interface.

ChangeTower allows you to monitor competitor websites for the content changes that matter most to you.

Price changes

Know when the competition changes their prices. Make sure your pricing is always strategic and responsive to industry trends with our competition monitor software.

Consumer feedback and complaints

Keep a watchful eye on key consumer review websites and public forums, and develop a competitive advantage using our competitor monitoring tool.

Keep tabs on new products

Always know what your competitors are up to. Get notified when competitors post a new press release matching your criteria, add a product to a given category, or make a dramatic change to an existing product’s page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I monitor any page with ChangeTower?

Yes. Simply insert the URL of the page you want to track when setting up your monitors.

Can I specify a set of phrases that I want to be notified of when they're published?

Yes, you can monitor for phrases, HTML changes, keywords, and more.

Can I receive updates when there is a new hire?

Yes, ChangeTower offers multiple ways of monitoring this, but the most popular solution is the Domain Scan. Reach out to our support team to learn more!