website change monitoring for business

Seven Ways That Website Change Monitoring Can Help Your Business

While we often don’t realize it, website change monitoring is something each of us has been doing since the first time we hopped online and browsed the web. On a daily basis, ask yourself this question – how many of the same sites do you visit? Do you look at the same sections, same charts, same authors, and same areas of specific sites? Do you have a set of favorites, a routine that you click through to get your news, learn about competition, do your work, or complete research?

This is where a website change monitoring tool or website monitor software comes in. Instead of adding another site to your daily list, tools like ChangeTower can automatically browse sites for changes, updates, crashes, or important keywords and information that relate to yourself or your business. Not quite sure how yet? We’ve compiled ten ways (some of which are obvious while some are not) that a web monitor site can help you:

Diagnostics and Usage Alerts

Nothing can bring down a start-up or a new app more quickly than an ill-timed crash, hack, or failure of critical features. A web monitoring tool can work as a constant sentry for these issues, allowing you and your team to become aware of any issues in time to prevent problems with user experience and site branding.

Deals, Sales, and Giveaways

This is one of those surprise uses we mentioned – if you’re attempting to provide access to vendors or other third-party marketers, this can be an invaluable tool for your site.

Competitive Announcements and Pricing

Don’t just worry about your product or software or company, keep an eye on the competition too! If your business needs to know when or what a competitor is doing, web monitoring software can keep you posted by tracking keywords, authors, or changes to key web pages or apps.

Classifieds and Resume Postings

Looking for a new hire? Or for an effective and affordable freelancer to complete a project? Web monitoring can keep you notified of new accounts, postings, and applicants to help you staff your business promptly.

Customer Relations

There’s nothing more critical for a business than the feedback and questions of its users or customers. Web monitoring can notify you of new feedback about your business, contacts, or mentions by your users, and help you stay in touch with your audience or customer base.

Legal and Compliance Issues

Web monitoring is especially effective in filtering through dense text pages and documents for keywords or phrases that are critical from a legal standpoint. Utilize web monitoring to ensure your terms of service, privacy, or personal information are well-protected and appropriate for your business.

Effective Management

Are you in charge of a variety of content outlets or sites? Web monitoring can help you keep eyes on multiple different projects at once, allowing you to stay on top of the work of multiple employees and stay steps ahead of any problems that arise in execution.

Have another idea for web monitoring software that’s not listed here? We’re not surprised. These are just some of the multitude of uses that have popped up alongside the development of web monitor sites. It’s only a matter of time before more and more pop up as well.