Reputation Monitoring Tools

For both brands and individuals, maintaining your reputation and identifying negative press or reactions can be the key to avoiding significant consequences for yourself or your business. Use ChangeTower to monitor media outlets, social media channels, competitor websites, customer review platforms, and more to protect your reputation or brand.

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Reputation Monitoring Overview

Receive notifications and updates about brand or personal mentions and inform your decision-making in real-time with ChangeTower. Detect new pages or posts on media outlets that cover you or your brand by creating a domain monitor. Set up email notifications to automatically receive updates on brand or personal mentions and respond as needed. Monitor a variety of channels (social, press, competitor websites) in your ChangeTower dashboard.

Brand reputation monitoring

Receive updates whenever your brand receives coverage in the press or on social media, to respond in real-time or collaborate with your PR agency effectively.

Personal reputation monitoring

Set up monitors to receive updates when you are personally mentioned by media outlets, social profiles, or competitors.

Competitor reputation monitoring

Track competitor mentions to gain real-time insights into how they or their brand are performing in public opinion, target customer bases, or media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share my reputation monitoring dashboard with my PR team?

Yes. ChangeTower's premium plans allow you to add multiple team members to let your PR or comms teams receive alerts and make collaboration and strategy sessions easier.

How many competitor websites can I monitor prices for?

ChangeTower offers the ability to set up multiple monitors, with greater volume available with premium plans. Learn more on our pricing page or contact our sales team!