Price Monitoring Software

Whether you are looking for flash sales or discounts, monitoring competitor listings to set your own prices, or simply want to spread your budget effectively, price monitoring software can be a game changer. ChangeTower can help you set up price monitors on listings sites, monitor prices on Amazon, track competitor pricing, and much more.

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Price Monitor Overview

ChangeTower offers a variety of useful tools for prie monitoring within one simple, user-friendly dashboard. Track price changes in a variety of ways – from detecting new pages or posts on a listings website, to changes in specific sections of a page. Set up email notifications to automatically collect price monitoring reports to share with your team, friends, or colleagues. Monitor a variety of channels (social, E-commerce, competitor websites) in your ChangeTower dashboard.

Deal tracking

Track changes to specific listings pages to receive price change alerts and take advantage of discounts or deals the moment they happen.

Competitor price monitoring

Create price monitors on competitor websites and specific URLs to keep a close eye on the competition and adjust your own pricing in real-time to stay ahead for your customers.

Monitor competitor prices with ease

New product tracking

Identify new product listings or landing page creation by utilizing domain tracking for e-commerce sites or competitor webpages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I monitor prices on Amazon?

Yes. Simply insert the URL of the Amazon listing page you want to track when setting up your monitors.

How many competitor websites can I monitor prices for?

ChangeTower offers the ability to set up multiple monitors, with greater volume available with premium plans. Learn more on our pricing page or contact our sales team!