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Introducing the All-New, Reimagined ChangeTower – Here’s What’s Changed

Meet the new ChangeTower. It’s everything that’s important to you across the internet, in one visual stream.

Website content monitoring is about more than just knowing when a change occurs. It’s knowing what changes were made made and how they’re important to you. We’re excited to introduce an all-new, reimagined ChangeTower that helps you filter out the ‘noise’ and stay effortlessly in-the-know across websites.

We’ve redesigned the ChangeTower experience from the ground up, making it faster to pinpoint the web page changes that matter most to you. The new ChangeTower centers on a fast, powerful, and easily filterable visual ‘change feed’ that gives you detailed information and control.

With an even more powerful change detection engine under the hood, ChangeTower captures visual, text content and code web page snapshots faster than ever. We detect changes using a reinvented set of algorithms designed uniquely for our range of monitoring types.

Our latest upgrade is now available to all users in all regions. Here’s what’s changed(!):

Visual Change Notification Feed

See changes in beautiful, visual ‘cards’ that show a preview of what’s changed at a glimpse. Get one-click access to detailed website changed reports, including details on what’s changed and full-page text content, code and high-resolution visual snapshots of the monitored URL at the point in time the change was detected.

Tagging & Filtering

We’ve introduced an advanced ‘tagging’ system to make it easier than ever to organize your change monitors and notifications. Apply multiple tags to your monitors, and readily filter your notification feed to see just the changes you’re looking for in any given date range.

Enhanced Team Sharing

Like tagging your monitors, individual team members can also be organized with tags. It’s quick and easy to share monitors and notifications with teams big or small, and help team members focused with just the monitors and notifications that matter to them.

More Powerful Change Detection Engine

ChangeTower now detects the changes that matter most to you faster and more accurately than ever while limiting the impact to servers hosting the monitored website with Smart Caching. Our faster, more nimble website crawlers save bandwidth while detecting changes matching your alert criteria with a new set of change detection algorithms designed uniquely for each of ChangeTower’s monitor types.

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